Friday, June 20, 2008

Top 7 Reasons Printing Organizations Prosper From Ecommerce

Top 7 Reasons Printing Organizations Prosper From Ecommerce

Implementing ecommerce in your printing organization can be very challenging, but when done right your organization will receive significant paybacks. Here are the top 7 reasons printing organizations prosper with ecommerce.

1. Time and cost reduction – Ecommerce eliminates time and costs associated with entry and verification of documents and the expense of preprinted forms, paper, toner, postage, phone calls, faxes, and manual filing systems. This significantly reduces your labor costs and cost per business transaction.

2. Cash flow - Ecommerce eliminates days of mailing and paper shuffling by electronically exchanging invoices and payments with your customers. The same is true with suppliers, which allows implementation of just-in-time manufacturing practices that minimize your inventory investment.

3. Reduced stocking costs - Ecommerce speeds the ordering cycle, providing better information and minimizing inventories, floor space, storage, warehousing, and insurance costs.

4. Improved service - Ecommerce will enhance relationships among your customers and suppliers by providing continuous accessibility to order, billing, and other information, simplifying everyone's efforts.

5. Differentiation - Successfully implementing ecommerce with your customers and suppliers will project your company's image as a technological leader, especially when you exploit these new business opportunities before the competition.

6. Multi-company consolidations - Consolidators inherit an assortment of systems and data structures with each new acquisition. Ecommerce standardizes the information among the parent company, acquired companies, and divisions.

7. Business survival - As more of your customers adopt ecommerce technologies, they will demand their business partners also implement ecommerce.