Saturday, June 6, 2009

Maximizing Your Print Management Software ROI With Post Implementation Assessments

When you purchased your current management system, you probably received all the training you needed to get the system fully operational. Right?

Wrong. Never assume the status quo is acceptable with your MIS system.

Studies from Profectus and other research organizations consistently show that businesses never use 40% or more of all application functionality. Often companies are unfamiliar with all the capabilities of their MIS due to ineffective training, "crash courses" to quickly get a system operational, and cutting training investments.

Once the system has been installed and is fully operational, it still has to be managed. You want to ensure that the system continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Business processes may change and need to be integrated into the system. New production equipment or product lines may have to be defined in your cost centers, production standards, and job tickets. Personnel might change positions and require training on other software components. As new employees are hired, they also will need training. The software itself will change over time as new functionality is incorporated into software product releases, requiring additional training to take advantage of these features.

As time passes, all systems tend to retreat from their initial levels of efficiency. Sometimes this is not noticeable until the system's efficiency has been significantly impacted. This deterioration can be avoided by conducting regular checkups of your implementation.

An annual budget for training will ensure that everyone is consistently taking full advantage of the system's capabilities. Take the time and invest the funds necessary to determine exactly what training and education is required by each person, and then provide it for them.

The better your people are trained on the capabilities of the software and the information it provides, the more likely your organization will maximize the system's potential.

A formal analysis of the entire system should be conducted at least annually. Revisit your initial implementation goals, objectives, and expected benefits to see if they are still being met. Talk to the users to determine their level of satisfaction and the need for additional training, modifications in business processes, changes in the system setup and reports. Then make adjustments as warranted.