Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Budgeted Hourly Cost Rates “Cloud” Software For The Printing and Packaging Industry

New Budgeted Hourly Cost Rates “Cloud” software simplifies the task of calculating budgeted hourly cost rates for your equipment.

The Cost Rates Advisor is easy to use, software designed for the printing and packaging industry to take the mystery out of calculating budgeted hourly cost rates for your equipment. Determining your hourly cost rates no longer needs to be a difficult and time consuming task. The innovated design of the Cost Rates Advisor makes the entry of data simple with an easy to follow, straight-forward user interface.

You don't have to know accounting to calculate your budgeted hourly cost rates. Just enter your company data and calculate your hourly cost rates in minutes rather than days, no matter how big or small your company. It’s easy for anyone to use.

The Cost Rates Advisor was designed based on proven cost accounting principles, best practices, and standards used by industry leaders and experts.

The Cost Rates Advisor systematically compiles and distributes 100 percent of your expenses among each piece of production equipment so that all of your costs are accurately recovered in your estimates, pricing, and job costs.

It provides insight into exactly what makes up the cost of each department, cost center, and overhead. So you can stay informed of your true costs, keep track of your rates, stay competitive, and make greater profits.

Comprehensive Reports
The Cost Rates Advisor offers a variety of comprehensive, easy to read and understand reports that help ensure all your costs are accounted for in your cost rates. The budgeted hourly cost rates reports list the annual costs to operate each cost center including your direct manufacturing costs, direct labor costs, overhead costs, building and occupancy costs, all inclusive costs, and hourly cost rates based on various levels of productivity. You can display or print detail and summary reports that help you manage your costs rates including:

         • Deatail Budgeted Hourly Cost Rate Reports
         • Sales and Administration Costs Reports
         • Building Occupancy Cost Reports
         • Cost Center Cost Reports
         • Department Cost Reports
         • Employee Labor Cost Allocation Reports
         • Expense Allocation Reports
         • Asset Depreciation Cost Reports

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